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Contractor's Insurance

Being a tradesman, general contractor takes experience, skill and salesmanship.  Whether you are a Carpenter, HVAC technician, Plumber, Electrician or work in one of the other valuable trades, insurance plays a big part in making sure you are protected.  At Susan Moore & Associates contractors receive a customized quote which may include general liability, workers compensation, coverage for equipment and tools, vehicles and office.


Gross annual sales and payroll indicate the size of your business, and premium to be charged.


Policies can be packaged with a variety of coverages or might be monoline.


Your primary customer may be a homeowner or commercial business.


Certificates of insurance are frequently requested by builders, villages and towns, etc.  These are readily provided by our agency.  Requests may also include bonds.  We realize that speed is of the essence in winning a job and any future contracts.